QR Code Shopping

Südkorea. Die aktuelle Nr.2 der nationalen Supermärkte heißt Tesco. Doch wie kann man die Nr.1 werden, ohne die Anzahl der physischen Supermärkte auf die des Marktführers E-mart anzuheben um die Kunden in die Märkte zu locken?
Man bringt den Supermarkt einfach zu den Kunden!

We created virtual stores in subway station hoping to blend into people’s everyday lives. Our first try was busy subway station in rush hours. Although virtual, the displays were exactly the same as actual stores – from the display to merchandises. Only one thing is different, you use smart phones to shop! Scan the QR code with your phone, and the product automatically lands in your on-line cart! When the online purchase is done, it will be delivered to your door right after you get home.

(via iPhone Blog & Cannes Lions)